Coming Soon to a Subway Tunnel Near You

In the cacophony of the information age, one place that provides rest for the eyes is the darkness of the subway tunnel. But now there's a startingly new technology that will light up the tunnel and flash our senses with a movie ad. Peachy.

"People actually gasped and some got off the train at the next station and went back to see it again." Robert Walker, President of SideTrack Technologies who's working with the TTC to launch it in Toronto in September, in the Toronto Star Business section. But first a pilot project.

The TTC is short of change, this technology will excite our senses, the advertisers will have a captive audience, and there's the key: advertisers have our eyes and ears whether we like it or not, no matter where we go, on the streets, in subway stations, reading the papers, on radio and TV, watching a game. More and more they're finding those restful, advertisement-free spaces and filling those. Meanwhile, we complain we're overloaded with information. We get cranky with the non-stop barrage. But I don't think it's the plethora of information that's the problem; it's the plethora of ads. Thirty years ago, we didn't have this problem, and we weren't so cranky.

Still, during rush hour, mashed up against the door, a novel distration will be nice...until we get tired of it and look for the next new thing.