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In big blue letters at the top of the front fold, The Toronto Star misspells Chernobyl. That's karma.


It takes a small township -- Southgate -- to figure out that we can kill two birds with one stone: turn garbage into a gas, and use the gas to create electricity. That's recycling!

Meanwhile the NDP luddites on Toronto Council advocate for landfills and trucking garbage to Michigan for as long as possible -- that's being an ostrich on so many levels! -- and the Provincial Liberal smallthinkers are going for burning a finite natural resource. It takes the so-called backwoods rural folks to see the future, grasp it, and save us from both our increasing garbage and diminishing electricity.


Speaking of The Toronto Star, one amazingly good thing happened: I received an assembled paper today, just like the folks who pick up their copies at the corner store! And the nice thing about not putting in links to the Star is it's less work for me!!!


Mark Dowling said…
Wesleyville Generating Station, 10km west of Port Hope, an abandoned site, has been proposed as an incinerator. Given its proximity to the Toronto-Kingston railway it's probably a better bet as that would take trucks off 401. (The Toronto Sun reports it's also proposed to locate a new nuke plant there)

Southgate is not quite as well located transport wise (especially by road), and Wesleyville could take garbage from all over the Golden Horseshoe and become a major recycling/composting centre as well.


However, this project does not fall under the 3Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle as the materials are being transformed from higher order to lower order.

The problem is persuading the greenies we need more power - to run extra streetcars, subways and electric suburban and intercity rail services.
talk talk talk said…
Good points!

The thing I don't get is that the so-called environmentalists on City Council, including Mayor Miller, don't see that our garbage can not only generate electricity, but also jobs. Instead of polluting the air and ground, instead of sending jobs to another country, why don't we replace Toronto's lost industrial jobs with a Canadian-made innovative solution (of which the Southgate demo project is only one) and at the same time reduce air pollution from trucks, reduce traffic accidents from trucks, reduce wasting of nonrenewable resources (truck fuel), reduce land and water pollution from landfills, get rid of our garbage in the best environmentally sound way, and increase local electricity supply, thereby decreasing brownouts and the risk of blackouts.

Sensible, dontcha think? Yes, but then people won't reduce, reuse, and recycle, whine the "greenies." Oh brother.

On the federal level, innovation too is on the back back burner, especially if it has to do with the environment. I can only shake my head at the stupidity of our politicians.