TTC, Clean! Firefox, Wow!

I walked onto the train, and there was something off. I looked around puzzled, and suddenly there it was: I could see the floor. There was nothing on it or on the seats or on the window ledges, just one paper tucked between a seat and the wall. I couldn't believe it. It looked so clean. Of course, the lady beside me endlessly chewing crumbling pieces of cake out of a white plastic bag brought me back to TTC reality.


My friend finally convinced me to try Firefox. I had no idea one's browsing could be made so much easier! And now I'm trying out a couple of blogging extensions to see which one works best for me. So design elements within a post may be a bit inconsistent until I make up my mind (not my forte!).

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Aaron said…
Hi, I've been using Firefox for well over a year.

I only use Internet Explorer for two things: listening to baseball games, and reading long articles from with the help of a IE browser thingy called WebEyes that makes it so I don't have to scroll essays.

Enjoy, it's not perfect for flash, video, etc., but for text, it's excellent.
talk talk talk said…
Thanks! I'm using it more and more. I haven't used IE for many years except for one site that forces you to use it. I've been a Netscape fan...until now. I may eventually fully morph over to FF, especially since it renders IE-friendly sites much better than Netscape. I haven't tried video yet with it, but the flash part seems far anyway!