Alien as Woman: Creepy

Did anyone else notice the rather creepy image in the Toronto Star's life section today?

David Graham wrote an article entitled An illusive beauty about the obscenities the fashion world are creating in the name of beauty:

"In a world obsessed with phenomenal good looks, where even the minuscule flaws of 15-year-old supermodels are airbrushed or computer-enhanced to perfection [why?], the fashion world is breaching the limits of mere human beauty."

Well Lanvin has breached the limits and has created a rather disturbing image of a woman. It's both fascinating and repugnant at the same time. To see the alien that fashion mavens now consider the height of female beauty, enter the Lanvin site, click on English, then Fashion, and on the drop down menu, select Advertising Campaigns to see.

I think they've lost their nut.