Sweden vs. USA....I'm in SHOCK!

OMG! Sweden won!!! I cannot believe it...I'm shaking with disbelief..the cards were in when USA could not score a goal in the PP with THREE Swedish players in the penalty box. Now THAT was a hockey game worth watching.

I'm going to have my lunch now.


Update at 5:15 pm: Canada shut out Finland 6-0. Canada will face Sweden on Monday. No-one anticipated that gold-medal game. Sweet.

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Classic said…
_I caught the Sweden-USA game just before the end of the 2nd. I was almost screaming at the screen for Sweden to take a shot - and that's with their own 2-player advantage to nearly close out regulation time.
_Shades of Hasek, watchout for Sweden's goalie.
talk talk talk said…
No kidding. She apparently kept the Canadians to 2 goals in their last game, despit 42 shots on goal!

She will make the gold medal game a far different beast than their first Olympic match up.
Spazsquatch said…
I'm really bummed that I won't get to see the Team USA / Team Canada match-up for the gold, but I have to say I'm really excited for the game anyhow. Canada looks unstoppable, but that goalie is good. I wouldn't be surprised to see another upset, although I'm not expecting one.

That goalie is really something and that game's likely to be the best hockey we'll see out of Italy this year. I'm stoked.
talk talk talk said…
I'm pumped too! Although everyone assumes Canada will win, I don't. And I hope the Team Canada doesn't either else they will lose to a team that's gunning for gold, knowing they can make anything happen -- cause they alreay have.