Mira Leung Focussed; Coach Joanne McLeod by her Side

Mira Leung and Coach
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I first saw Mira Leung doing a charlotte a few years ago. I had no idea there was a (female) Canadian figure skater capable of doing such a flexible and difficult move. A couple of years later, here she is, taller, leaner, and in the Olympics. Finally the figure skating and Olympic powers that be in Canada have learnt their lesson and sent a young skater to a big event to get experience for the next time. And we get to watch her properly for the first time.

Mira is on a mission. She skated well, but her face says it all. She was happy with her technical marks, not so happy with her program components, even though her overall total beat her personal best. You could see her mind already working on the future: what will she have to do to get that second mark up? She speaks with focussed determination and matter-of-factness on her current goal, no weakness evident in her voice:

"I'm hoping to skate two clean programs. I've already accomplished half of that goal."

McLeod must be thrilled to have such a hard-working, well-supported, and single-minded athlete to coach.

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