Genius Pops an Axel

My friend practically came through the phone so as to dive into my television and strangle Sandhu (for those very few not in the know, Sandhu is an uber talented Canadian figure skating genius). Me, I'd rather strangle his mother and the COC who crippled him at a crucial stage in his development. The sort of blows that they, including Dick Pound of the COC at that time, self-righteous in his defence of a prejudiced position, gave him, takes years to recover from, and unfortunately a body starts to break down after a certain age and one runs out of time to get back on track. (On a side note: Kurt Browning is the first to explain his triple axel flubs vs. other jump flubs in a way that makes sense, given what Sandhu usually says in his after-skate interviews.)

Watching the Olympics yesterday, I had an epiphany. It's a genius thing, not a country thing. The talented, the ones we expect much of, whatever the sport, whichever the country, live on a knife edge: on one side is genius, on the other a blow up or a crash (in math genius terms, depression or on the milder side eccentricity). So Canada just produces a lot of geniuses! What we need though, are the solid hard workers who have a bit of flair, like Sean Sawyer who wowed me. People like him won't send us into the stratosphere like Sandhu does, but neither will they send us launching into our TV sets. And it would be exciting and rewarding to get a medal!

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