CBC HD Picture Oddities

HDCBC Picture Oddities
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Chris Zelkovich of The Toronto Star wonders about the CBC live coverage: "While CBC's approach to showing mostly live stuff during the day is preferable [to NBC's], the network also doesn't always make things clear." "What's live and what isn't?"

One clue I've discovered is the High Definition picture. When the event is live, it looks like a normal HD picture. The entire screen is filled. But when things go to tape, it shrinks ever so slightly, and black bars appear on either side. The demarcation between the picture and the black bar bifurcates the CBC HD logo, as seen here. Weird. It's also interesting to note that the studio shots with our incomparable hosts show this strange shrinkage as well. I started wondering if the host segments were taped or are being broadcast live...until I saw Ron MacLean at the hockey rink at noon for the men's hockey yakking session. Yawn. Show me the luge.

So why does the picture shrink on HDCBC? Is that the European picture size? And why are the only full-screen HD pictures during live events?

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