The Canadian Women: A Masterpiece of Hockey

Team Canada Wins Gold!
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Only the Canadians had a female coach: Melody Davidson. Only the Canadians showed strong, swift, skilled play, game after game after game. They played aggressively with focus. They knew what they wanted to do, with each line, each play. Sometimes they played too physically, resulting in too many penalties. But they persevered; they never let up. And always they played together. A team -- their goals ever so sweet.

There are goals that get the job done. Then there are goals so smooth, so quickly flicked, so sweetly slipped past the goalie, we're in awe, the goalie perplexed.

Canada-Sweden 4-1.

The women showed the men how hockey is played. The Canadians heard the slagging started by the Americans about running up goals, saw the Swedish comments yesterday about their weak defence, raised their game, and played masterful hockey.

The gold was won when the Swedish team didn't play their best goalie Kim Martin in their round robin game against Canada. They believed the Americans were beatable and proved it. They knew the Canadians were not. And tonight, the Canadians proved it.

Tonight we Canadians from coast to coast to coast saw our flag raised high above the arena and heard the spectators sing our national anthem together with the team, filling the stadium with our pride.

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