Canada Slaughtered...Again...This Time by Finland

Finland slaughters Canada 2-0. So what does Chris Pronger do in the last 5 minutes of the game? Cross-checks. That's right, give the Finns a power play Chris.

Then, although the camera pulled away, I'm pretty sure I saw a Canadian take a swipe at a Finn. I switched off the earlier hockey game I had just turned on, when a fight broke out. I stopped watching the goonfest that the NHL had become years ago, and I'm unimpressed to see men's Olympic hockey turn into the same thing. My shut-off point came yesterday when Jagr was slammed in the head for no good reason. I guess the player didn't like the fact Jagr was playing the game, so let's win by taking out the good players, just like in the NHL, instead of by playing the better game, like every other athlete in the Olympics (well, OK there are cheaters, but ever since Harding I don't believe one has cheated by trying to cripple their opponent).

And for these two so-called hockey games, we miss our medal-winning athletes live performances on CBC?

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