Another Gold!

How sweet it is to talk about another gold for Canada. It came in men's curling with Brad Gushue and his team. Mark Nichols threw outstanding shots to achieve a 97% accuracy rate. I've played curling once, many moons ago, and I was impressed with how quickly he shot off a rock and took 2 out with no problems. It's like watching any athlete at the top of their sport and how effortless they make it look, so effortless you think you could do it.

My only question: what is a sook (sp?)?

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Table Mountains said…
It's going to be quite the party in newfoundland tonight!!!!
talk talk talk said…
I heard the party had already started at noon when all the schools let out (and probably lots of businesses too)! What a great way to start the week-end!!
Mark Dowling said…
sook -