The Star and CTV Need Customer Service Classes

After my vent, I decided not to cancel the Toronto Star because, lo and behold, all the problems cleared up....until today. The Star seem like the Liberals: they already have my money so why give me a paper to the same standard as people who pay regular rates at the newspaper boxes or newstands? It would be nice to have the problems fixed permanently, to not have to unpuzzle my paper in order to find my favourite sections. My only consolation is that apparently the entire city gets the same level of FU service. Sigh.


And then there is CTV, who has decided their main focus is slaughtering their rival Global, not in beaming to viewers what they want.

I had no idea why CTV had developed this habit of showing clearly late-prime-time shows at 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoons or saying they had bought a program and then never airing it, until I read awhile back that their strategy was to outbid Global on as many programs as they could to prevent Global from getting good programs, even though they themselves could not air them all. Hence, one could only watch Commander in Chief on ABC until CTV finally deigned to air it just before Christmas. Since I now have cable and have a choice, I have no intention of ever watching that show on CTV, and last night their cavalier treatment of their viewers decided me on what channel I am NOT watching for election coverage (they moved up In Justice, and they don't allow for time shifting as all of their popular programs are shown at the exact same time EST unlike other networks -- it must really suck in the west to have to watch a prime-time show at 7:00 pm). Now I'm deciding between Global, CBC, or CityTV for Monday night. I think I'll go with Global.

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Andrew said…
Thank goodness I get ABC, FOX, NBC, CBC, PBS and them some on the US feeds from HD.

As for the time-shifting issue, thank you Tivo, I never have to see the annoying ads and I can watch TV on my schedule!
talk talk talk said…
I thought of splurging for PVR, but I never seem to watch taped shows anymore. Anyway I would STILL have missed "In Justice" because CTV switched it to an earlier hour, and I only found out as it ended!

Isn't HD amazing? Even figure skating looks better!!
Andrew said…
Now if only Hockey Night in Canada would start broadcasting in HD - their current HD coverage of hockey games plain out SUCKS!