In Honour of Our Dead, Vote!

To Our Glorious Dead II
To Our Glorious Dead II,
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by Points North.
For freedom fiercely defended, for having a choice, for giving honour to our war dead and our pioneers, for the right to complain about Ottawa, are you voting today?

Make a difference -- shock our pundits by making this the best voter turn-out ever! Make this the most representative Parliament ever -- vote for the candidate that best represents you!!!

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thordora said…
AND because we can. A coworker just said she doesn't believe in voting.

I'm sure all the women who fought for sufferage would really appreciate that. And it won't stop her form complaining later on.

I'm TOTALLY with you. It's our right, and our privilage. Not to mention a duty.
talk talk talk said…
I knew I'd forgotten another good reason! Thank you for reminding me that women have had the vote for less than 100 years.

Your co-worker would probably be in the league of those women 100 years ago who couldn't figure out why they needed the right to vote because their husbands voted for them.
Anonymous said…
Take a look at this election results analysis tool described on this site:

Election Result Tool
talk talk talk said…
Thanks for the heads up. Makes me wish I had a laptop, so I could watch election coverage on TV in comfort and monitor my riding on the computer!

Had no idea there's an Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party. Who's the top dog? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Aaron said…
Even though, I'm a nervous person, had to fold the ballot a few times, and two-of the top four candidates are separatists, I voted, and it will count.

$1.75 for the Green party.

A little difficult to watch the news tonight, knowing that I voted for a last-place-or-close-to-it candidate.

I wanted Lapierre sent back to radio, but not enough to vote for the Bloc. I did before, but I was knew to Quebec, and there was no threat of a referendum, like there is now.

I hope the federal Liberals split up, as the divide between Chretien and Martin loyalists is hurting Canada, more than the Bloc is.

A real centrist party would be nice. There is none right now. The Liberals and the Conservatives are right, who dabble in the middle, and the NDP are left.

Hopefully Harper will realize that Canada is mostly against the Liberals, than for his party, so let's stay out of Iran; later this year.
talk talk talk said…
Yeah, I have a habit of triple checking my 'X' is in the right place.

Voting for the Greens is absolutely not a wasted vote! First you gave them more money (all those bucks add up!) to campaign with in the next election. Second you voted for a party that I think does have a solid platform, albeit one that doesn't neatly pigeon-hole itself in either the Left or Right categories. And lastly in time those last-place parties can become winners in future elections because each vote in each succeeding election generates momentum.

I think the Liberals will have a major shake-up after hopes!
Aaron said…
Thank you so much. The "X" I could handle, but the folding was beyond my comprehension. I shouldn't take it so personally, though.

Friends of mine forgot it was even the day to vote! I have e-mail reminders for everything, and I hope the voter turnout does not go even furthur to the bottom, but it probably will. Australia has mandatory voting, but I hope we don't have to go that route. I also hope Canadians realize that spoiling ballots is not good, and a crime.

I feel for all the seniors and unhealthy people who have to vote in the winter. Where I live, the sidewalks are still full of ice.
talk talk talk said…
I found out through a friend of mine that an electoral officer will go to the home of seniors or disabled who can't get to the polling station. They vote by secret ballot. I had no idea!

We're lucky here in Toronto -- nice clear sidewalks!
Aaron said…
Nice, on both accounts. Montreal has good and bad parts, when it comes to the sidewalks. I haven't fallen yet this year, so I'm happy.

The first person I see with a cane on icy sidewalks will result in more than blog entries.