Grey Day

Foggy Day
Foggy Day,
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by Points North.
I'm bored with this election, probably because I voted. I'm bored with this grey weather, but then I think of Vancouver with its 27 days of relentless rain and remember English winters and shudder.

Winter in England is endless greyness that soaks the flat fens and burrows damp through layers of wool into your bones. Mornings are the worst. Frost rims the edges of brittle glass windows -- on the inside. No insulation in the walls protects you from the wet winds that blow across the landscape. I somehow escaped sleeping with the standard open window letting in the bracing night air. Still, I would huddle under mounds of blankets and duvets, enrobed in layers of PJs and socks, trying to get warm; the feeble morning light would too soon signal time to poke my head out. That was painful. But emerging fully was like sinking into a slushy ocean of penetrating cold. I would beat all timed records for dressing and racing down the stairs to the kitchen, the only warm room in the house.

I look again out my well-crafted Canadian window and am so thankful its ingenious design keeps the cold out and the warm air in. I can handle the weather. I am Canadian.



Andrew said…
Yes, Vancouver's weather officially has sucked though it was sunny today with only a bit of rain after dark.
talk talk talk said…
Sort of like Toronto today: sunny and 10. Tonight: rain, then snow, then cold, then watch the cars skid!