Canadian Policy Wiki

I've added a new link under "Election Links": Canadian Policy Wiki. The site is not even a week old, but it looks promising, especially for the disenfranchised who want to express their voice. And, who knows, if Canadians participate enthusiastically and a few MPs get on board, it may influence Canadian government policy in a populist way!

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Andrew said…
I've talked to a few MP's about the site, and will be updating the "Supporting MP's" list shortly.

I'm glad you find the site promising, I hope it will take off too, I spent a good 5 hours and $20 making it!
talk talk talk said…
It's easy to bitch about our politicians and governance; it's hard to think through the problem and come up with a solution; it's harder still to implement it and persist with it. So good on you! And I hope you get enough encouragement to keep at it (it's amazing just how little encouragement one needs to keep going!).

I think that $20 is well spent!