Sheep Vote Liberal

Take a gander at EclecticBlogs post on why he joined the Green Party, and then at the third comment...and we wonder why the Liberals keep getting voted in.

Torrony writes, "I truly hope the Liberals stay in power...but if Canadians send a strong message, the government will listen."

Voting them back in sends a strong message? The government will listen? Who's kidding whom here? This is the best piece of faulty logic I've ever seen; unfortunately it seems to be common.

The government only listened -- and only listened now for the first time in 12 years -- because the NDP forced them to while the Conservatives held the dagger of another election over their head. The threat of an election, coupled with the embarrassment of Ontario bailing them out over Kashechewan, is what forced their hand on Native poverty, not their own convictions. The threat of losing power is what gets them to act. Nothing else.

T says that under the Liberals "Ontario has basically become the definition of Canada with a lot of attention going towards the province." This is because our Premier hammered the Liberals over the big tax inequity and the NDP under Jack Layton's expert guidance forced the government to pay attention to Ontario and Toronto issues after being neglected for over a decade. It's a farce when most of the seats for the Liberals come from Ontario election after election, yet until this last one, the Liberal government routinely ignored Ontario and Toronto problems. Well, they ignored everyone's, but you'd think they'd at least pay attention to their seat of power. The thing is they knew they had Ontario in the bag; like the Toronto Maple Leafs franchise, they could be as incompetent as they liked, ignore the wishes of their fans as much as they wanted, the people would still come -- like sheep and lemmings.

So do Ontarians want to prove once again to Canada just how sheep-like they are -- unthinking, scared of change -- or do they want to use their noggins and look for sharp alternatives? With the Green Party and a pragmatic, government-looking NDP under Layton, the Conservatives aren't the only game in town.

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I'm very happy to be voting Conservative this next election.
Banba said…
The 'sheep' voted Liberal back in 1974 too....but it was the Tories who had been kicked out for corruption back then. See my post.
I was confused by 1974, but then saw from your post it was a pesky typo. 1874! You make a good point in your post. Sir John A. didn't recover in that election, but I believe the wily fox came back later. Paul Martin is not in his league -- he either wins now or loses forever.