Election Snowed Under

Flattened by Snow
Flattened by Snow,
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by Points North.
A lot of people complain about the snow. It's wet, it's cold, it's hard to shovel. They feel oppressed by it. But I like the snow. It covers up dead flora, softens the harsh city edges, brightens dull days under cloudy skies, and beautifies the nights. We just need to ensure in this winter election, we don't let the white stuff camouflage the realities of what the parties bring to their kind of government or let it keep us from voting in our choice.

Christmas is far more intersting than a federal election, but there are weeks left in the campaign after the festivities when we can refocus on what kind of Canada we want to live in. I keep thinking of the letter writer in the Toronto Star who said maybe if we elected the people we want, we would get the government we want. Tis the season to stop strategic voting and to start voting FOR the candidate or party you like.

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