Wet Winter Death and the Liberals

Wet Winter Death
Wet Winter Death,
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by Points North.
November is a dreary month, and it's reflecting many people's mood when it comes to this election. Nothing will change. Why bother. And worst of all, let's continue to vote for the Liberals, a minority government is punishment enough, we should stop harping on the sins of the Liberal scandal no matter how egregious. Yet worse than Gomery is the sin of what the Liberals have done to our country.

They've stagnated our economy, despite the momentous achievement of surpluses, and watched while our standard of living dropped. They've stalled so long, they've put our Arctic sovereignty in jeopardy. They've endangered our soldiers' lives not by sending them to Afghanistan, but by not replacing aging and failing equipment and by not paying them enough. They say great things about Kyoto but only coughed up money for such things as public transit because of the NDP, who only had the clout to do this because the Liberals had a minority government. Regionalism continues, and there's no sense of being united and excited by a visionary leader. I can't see Harper even doing this. Toronto is deteriorating in front of our eyes, and the best politicians can do is wring their hands. Doesn't the federal government get that where goes Toronto economically, so goes the country whether they like it or not? No wonder people would rather focus on Christmas and ignore the politicians. The latter bring angst, the former joy.

So what to do? Like these marigolds, drop seeds and wait for spring for the new life it brings? Wait for the sun to return and hope to sprout under its warm light? Can't. The election is now.

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