Toronto's Leaders Can't Build

"Mayor David Miller is predicting shovels will be in the ground within 18 months...for the East Bayfront section of the downtown waterfront." Paul Moloney, The Toronto Star, 23 November 2005.
Be still my beating heart.

This and Christopher Hume's article on the Tip Top Tailor Tower at the western end of the lakefront -- "OMB still has final say" -- is all we need to know about the state of development in our city: stagnant. So stagnant, councillors dismiss schemes "with little if any substantive debate; the dicussion never" gets beyond height, leaving it to the OMB to rubberstamp everything no matter how atrocious, and the Mayor thinks waiting 18 months, after waiting over a decade for 25 hectares of derelict lands to be redeveloped, is a big victory.

Is there a city plan? Does council know about it? I think not, for our elected so-called leaders are so afraid of making a decision that the shaping of our city is left in the hands of the OMB, developers, and noisy don't-change-a-thing citizens. Sometimes noisy let's-do-this-properly citizens get heard and have their way. Sometimes...

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