Gomery's Optimism

Death against Heaven

Judge Gomery buried himself in the minutiae of political philandering yet remains optimistic. He apparently believes that it is possible to fix the damage that greed made, to make Ottawa a more transparent and honest place, to irreparably rip the veil of secrecy, to create conditions in which politicians are more likely to remain honest. He is not defeated by the evil of greedy men nor the culture of entitlement that not only pervades the Liberal party, but also society at large (the keeping up with the Joneses mindset). He believes that justice can and will prevail. He gave back the reputation of a whistleblower and vindicated that man's calls into the void that something was very wrong on Parliament Hill. He refuses to have his soul sucked out by ruthless men trampling on honest folk for the sake of greed and power and in the name of national unity. And thus he continues to work hard on his assigned task to root out corruption and recommend how to ensure it won't take hold again, fully believing the party in power will implement his recommendations. Oh to be an optimist.

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