Flickr and Me

I've been having fun with my new toy, the Nikon CoolpixS2. I took my friend's advice and have been carrying it around with me. I've been rediscovering photography and enjoying it. Then I realised, you gotta upload all these zillions of photos! And sort through them to find the ones good enough to edit for sharing. Not as easy as going to the local print lab; still, it's a heck of a lot cheaper.

The other issue I've been working on is what's the best way to share? I find my blog not the greatest place since I see my blog more as a place for writing and the look doesn't lend itself well to being a photoblog. So I've been looking into Flickr and finally, finally made a decision. I joined the waves of Flickrites and immediately maxed out my upload limit for the month. So there'll be just the one lonely photo on view for November. But I've learned my lesson and come December, I'll be uploading a flurry, keeping that limit in mind! Enjoy.

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