First Thoughts on Gomery Report

The Gomery Report is out. Media and bloggers are buzzing over it, hunting for every spore of scandal they can.

To me, it's no surprise.

Chretien sought power ruthlessly. He controlled everything under his thumb. Of course, he knew what was going on. Martin sniffed out corruption, hence his sudden departure and increased machinations to turf Chretien out. I believe in his exoneration for that reason alone, but I still wouldn't vote for him -- he has squandered his opportunity this last year in endless rounds of dithering. The Liberal Party has been corrupt for eons. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Canadians have blindly believed the lies that the Conservatives will doom us as a country and have voted Liberal. I was particularly appalled and perplexed that they would vote for Chretien not once but thrice. For that reason, I don't think this report will make diddley squat worth of difference in the Liberal fortunes. Canadians still believe Mulroney was worse, that the Conservative Party -- the party of our founder -- is bad for the country, and will soothe themselves with Martin's exoneration, while ignoring his dithering, and vote Liberal. Dithering is worse for this country than action. It's a passive way of allowing our country to slide into oblivion.

We need to change the guard, so to speak, and I await the Opposition to expose the spores from the Gomery Report in such a way, without hyperbole or a self-righteous tone (which will doom their efforts) that Canadians can no longer turn their heads away from the truth, that they can no longer vote Liberal believing it's the best thing for Canada.

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