The 23rd Meme

Holy cow! I've been tagged by Classic Quarters. This is my first meme. Cool. I am to supply the fifth sentence of my 23rd post. Hmmm...there's a small problem. My 23rd post was short and had really long sentences. Three. So do I take the 3rd sentence...
These results might account for why grief counsellors were called in after the last Presidential election.
...or the second sentence of my 24th post...
He was a bit too big, but he thought the family could get in.
I like that one better. Now that summer's over I can look back on that war with no hard feelings...until next spring that is.

Five bloggers to tag:
from a to b
Crawl Across the Ocean
Inkless Wells
Doggiewoggie -- All About Dogs

You're it!


B said…
I just noticed that I've been tagged by you.
I'll get right on that.
Moving to Cowtown means that I've been shirking all my responsibilities and only trying to find the perfect cowboy hat!

When will I learn that there are more important things in life than hats?
When you discover cowboy boots! Nothing beats the satisfaction of finding the perfect pair of boots, whatever the style.