Rosie DiManno: Iraq was a Danger

Rosie DiManno writes in The Toronto Star today:
"It's taken two years for Bush to finally alight on what was the most compelling and most urgent case for war -- a homicidal regime, the extermination of Shiites...a pathological tyranny unlike, with the exception of North Korea maybe, any other.

This was not a garden-variety dictatorship. This was a boil on the international commonweal that needed to be lanced and nobody had the stomach for doing it....

...The world just didn't care about Iraquis, could live with their deaths."
If North Korea is the worst, why does this not apply moreso to that country? The people there are the most oppressed on the planet; they're starving; they have virtually no health care, even routine operations like those for cataracts are primitive and insufficient; and if they're caught escaping to China, they're dead. Its telling that pictures from space show North Korea as the only dark place on the planet at night. But nobody has the stomach to take on this more weaponized country. Nobody cares about the dying North Koreans. More importantly, the U.S. and her allies couldn't get away with horrendously undermanning the military effort if they invaded North Korea.


P.S. Sorry folks about the lack of direct links to Star stories. But I don't see why I have to register to read stories for free, especially when they can track me and all my computer, ISP, and geographic vitals WITHOUT me registering. I get having to sign in for paid services, but not to read today's paper! I need one more username and one more password to keep track of like I need a hole in the head.

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