The Question of Us and Marriage in Genesis 1

Since the big question isn't whether sexual orientation is a sin per se,* but if same-sex marriage is forbidden or not talked about or sanctioned in the Bible, I figure I'll begin again at the beginning: Genesis 1:27.

I discussed this passage once before. It is also the foundation of the discussion here.

God created us. Us reflects God's image. Us is one male and one female...Or is the image of God reflected in our whole, that is, all of us, together, male and female, kind of like the Great Link in Star Trek:DS9? What seems indisputable to me is that one gender or the other does not by itself reflect God's image, but perhaps one male and one female together is not in its couplehood the whole of the image of God either. Maybe there's something in this passage I did not see before I took this photo and that is, God can only be reflected in our totality. We can only see the 'us' God created when we are united, every city, every province, every country, every continent. And when both genders are equal: equally respected, equally valued, equally responsible, equally authoritative in the life of our community. It helps to take a picture!

Given that idea, does this passage say anything about marriage? I think it does in that heterosexual marriage represents what God originally had in mind when He created us. Same-sex marriage is missing a part of that image, 50 percent of it. But what does the Bible say about marriage specifically? I'll continue to explore that later.


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