Ontario Lags in Pollution Reduction

Back in April, I mentioned how Ontario forbade electric cars from driving on our roads. The Ministry of Natural Resources didn't get that memo. Ontario Parks purchased from Dynasty Electric Car Corp. of Vancouver 4 of their Innovative Transportation electric cars 2 years ago.
"The idea was that park officials could use the zero-emission electric cars...to get around without having to use...emission-spewing vehicles. Coincidentally, most park roads have a maximum speed limit of 40 km/h, making the [low-speed] Dynasty cars an ideal fit.

'The public loved them,' said one official from Ontario Parks. 'Staff could hardly use them because people would stop to talk about them.'

Earlier this year the natural resources ministry got an email from the Ministry of Oil -- ahem, I mean Transportation -- instructing it to take the low-speed electric Dynasty cars off park roads indefinitely." by Tyler Hamilton, The Toronto Star, 10 October 2005
These cars have the same safety features as all other cars, except they can only go a maximum of 40 kph. But apparently to Ontario that makes them more dangerous than gas-guzzling, pollution-erupting utility vehicles like the John Deere Gator, even though Canada enacted legislation in 2000 to permit them on the roads. BC and Quebec took them up on that. BC I can understand being ahead of Ontario on green tech, but why is Ontario behind Quebec when it not only means less pollution, but also jobs to manufacture Toronto's Feel Good ZENN Cars?

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