My Second Brain, Tungsten E

Since I'm on the topic of useful gadgets, another one is my Palm. Never thought I'd need one, but now I call it my second brain cause I go into "duhhhhh" mode when the battery dies (or I drop it).

Took me awhile to get used to the whole scheduling my life thing; luckily I've always viewed gadgets as toys, so had fun doing it, and even more fun when I discovered add-ons. DateBk5 is indispensable. Its floating events, split screen, daily journal, to mention just a few great features, make it the best calendar around. The only problem is finding a better desktop calendar than the default Palm one to give me the same flexibility as DateBk5. I'm using Agendus for Windows, Palm Desktop Edition, but I can't stand the sync errors it generates with repeating events. The new update, which is supposed to fix it, has done diddley squat. Otherwise I like the fact it uses Stephen Covey's principles for its Tasks. Essential games include Bejeweled, BookWorm, Atomica, and Bzzz! And of course where would I be without Pocket Tunes, HandyShopper, and Bible With You?!