Duck and Cover

Ya know, I'm getting mighty embarrassed by The Star and our politicians. They blather on about reducing pollution and scream at every smog day, but whenever someone offers an innovative solution, they duck and cover.

What about getting radical? What about getting serious? How about this:

On every major thoroughfare, remove on-street parking; make one lane for bicycles and Segways only; make the other lane for cars; put a tiny curb between the two to force cars to stay in their lane, otherwise drivers would regularly use the bike/Segway lane for passing and it would be impossible to enforce.

Too radical? Then how about really getting serious about addressing our pollution and traffic congestion problems:

Take a year. Study how Europe handles bike traffic. Study how those 20 states are doing with Segway traffic. Look at the short-term Segway use, where the price point would keep Segway traffic down. Look at long-term use, where a falling price point and growing acceptance of the Segway would increase traffic. Set up trials as they have done in Quebec successfully. Factor in Toronto's expected population growth. And come up with a plan that would segue from short-term Segway use to long-term Segway and increased bicycle use.

The mayoral candidate who wants to act more like a leader and less like an ostrich on this and other matters like trash management gets my vote.

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