My Saturdays are Ruined!

This is unbelievable. I was shocked when I opened up my newspaper this morning and saw what had happened. The Toronto Star is messing about with the colour comics. Worse, they've replaced Peanuts with Calvin and Hobbes. Now I know C&H has a great following, but so does Peanuts. And just because Charles Schultz died doesn't mean the genius of his creation should disappear too. Peanuts is timeless, and one of the few comics that can be rerun. On the other hand, Mutts is just daft. I'd rather see Dog eat Doug. Piranha Club is tired and has been for years -- it even changed its name to try and breathe new life into it. Non Sequitur makes my eyes spin and requires too much concentration for a Saturday morning. Heart of the City was cute, but no good just showing up on Saturdays. So there's LOTS of strips they could've replaced with C&H.

Then there's their bright idea of messing about with the format. Someone should take out a tape measure as obviously eyeballing today's awkward format didn't give them a clue that one needs a large cleared space on the breakfast table to be able to read half the comics. But it's not over. We're apparently going to be treated to changing formats for awhile as they use us as test bunnies to figure out what works, as their own design common sense isn't up to the task. My Saturdays are ruined!

Update: Thank you to Classic Quarters for mentioning my rant. I'm glad I'm not alone in my crankiness over the Comics changes!

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Classic said…
_I missed yesterday's but I saw their prior Weekend Comics. They had printed a feedback e-mail on the Monday for complaints.
_It's a 100% horrible revised layout. The Comics were shrunk down, and (almost) none continued to show the top banner & opening panel. Instead, a bland typed line appears for each.
_The penny pinchers will claim that they kept the already small section advertisement free, but that's a crock; the new Star is filled throughout with (now, more colour) ads including on the front page.
_It's the Comic Section that helps attract young readers to the newspaper long-term, not Travel, Homes, or the Editorial page!
talk talk talk said…
What better way to avoid painful feedback: print the e-mail on another day! I totally missed it.

"It's the Comic Section that helps attract young readers..."

Couldn't agree with you more. That's how I got hooked on The Star.