GG-Designate Jean Finally Does the Right Thing

One day before her installation and one day after Cleo Paskal pointed out in The Sunday Star the unhappiness of the Armed Forces at the new GG holding dual citizenship, GG-designate Michaelle Jean informed the public that she has given up her French citizenship.

Jean requested France to drop her citizenship there in August, immediately after she was appointed. "In light of the responsibilities related to the function of Governor General of Canada and Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Forces, I have decided to renounce the French citizenship that I acquired for family reasons in 2004." Jean's declaration stated. "France acceded to my request by decree on September 23, 2005." (by Susan Delacourt, The Toronto Star, 25 September 2005.)

And she couldn't have told us this, either directly or through the Prime Minister, back in August? It's to be hoped that Jean does not continue to treat Canadians with the contempt she showed us by communicating this piece of news to us two days after it came through, one day before her investiture, as if the subject of her citizenship was personal and private and had nothing to do with us. Only the Armed Forces persisted in voicing their unhappiness, and I believe it's because its members are not just patriots, but believe in this country and believe it has value in and of itself. The twerps who think that "Jean's dual citizeship [as our head of state is] an asset, a symbol of modern Canadian identity, stretching beyond traditional borders" don't take this country seriously and are showing a naivete about the world out there.

Clarkson's last day is today, and I for one will miss her. She received a lot of criticism for her spending on travelling. But at least she got communication. How else do you spread the message of Canada to her people and to others? E-mail? Somehow that just doesn't seem as effective as direct, personal communication. I hope Jean learns that fast.

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