Thinking Nationally

I'm in a good mood.

The provincial and territorial leaders are thinking nationally. They want to continue what Sir. John A. started. I'm astounded.
"Canada's provincial and territorial leaders are pushing the federal government to build a $700 million highway to the Arctic Ocean to protect national sovereignty and improve trade...'That completes Canada when we've got the three seas connected,' NWT Premier Joe Handley told the Toronto Star." From the Toronto Star, 15 August 2005.
Whoa! Improve trade! Did the provincials actually say that?! Finally, they're realising it's a good thing to trade between provinces and territories.

Speaking of sovereignty, the sovereigntists are so desperate (see Paul Wells excellent dissection of their "evidence"), that they've lost their sense of humour. Oh right, they never had one.

"'So a sovereign Quebec? An independent Quebec? Yes and I applaud with two hands and promise to be at all the St. Jean Baptiste day parades.' Jean Daniel Lafond in a 1993" academic essay introducing a transcript of La Maniere Negre, his documentary on militant Martinique poet Aime Cesaire (from the The Toronto Star, 16 August 2005). Rather sly words to put in an academic essay. This is the smoking gun?

[Sorry for the lack of accents; I haven't figured out how to put those in.]

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Declan said…
I believe the accents are é (an ampersand followed by 'acute' followed by a semicolon) and è ("& grave ;" - except without the spaces in between the ampersand and 'grave' and between 'grave' and the smei-colon)
talk talk talk said…
Thank you for the tip! They didn't seem to work; then I looked in the Blogger help files, and I think I have to change the language encoding for the accents to show up properly.