Segway Newbie

The CNE is a great place to try out new tech. This year I hopped up onto the Segway. Well, actually gently placed one foot at a time on it as per the young lady's instructions. I found it surprisingly tiny and comfortable to stand on and hold the handlebars. It's like learning to dance: at first you look down so you don't bump into anything, then as your confidence grows, you look up. It's quiet and smooth, except if you tense up when reversing -- then it judders.

I followed my instructor through pylons, over 2x2 "bumps" on a board, over a hump with one wheel up and one down -- that felt weird to be leaning so far over to the side -- up a ramp, across the ramp, down the ramp -- and try not to run her over -- through tight pylons, and lastly fast forward and backward, coming to a gentle stop. OK, not sure how I did the latter -- the Segway is such an extension of your body that your thoughts seem to make it move or stop.

Transport Canada is still studying it -- only Canadians would study something obvious. But if that's what it takes for governments to get a clue, then I'm all for it.