Hygiene 101

Two kids sick, one double visit to Sick Kids, and one exposure to the control of infectious disease in our hospitals. Since SARS, Toronto hospitals have bottles of antibacterial gel EVERYWHERE. On tables, on walls, on desks, on counters, outside patient rooms. Washrooms have instructions, with pretty pictures even, on how to wash hands. The door to the ICU had a sign saying positively no food or drink to be taken in where the sick kids are and hands to be washed. There's a hand washing station outside too. So after chatting and sipping in the corridor, two docs walk in with their coffees. Later in the emerg, a guy leaves the washroom WITHOUT washing his hands. Aside from the grossness factor (have you ever picked up a handset used regularly by someone who never washes their hands?), I'm amazed at the utter stupidity of those doctors who, along with nurses, are taught the best way to control infection is to wash your hands and not use your teeth to uncap syringes etc., who know hospitals are breeding grounds for the worst viruses and are the worst place to be for immune-compromised people.

The amazing thing about kids is how rapidly they recover. And the last news I had was that they were both getting better.

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