Fully Committed to Canada

The attempt at creating an uproar over Michaelle Jean continues. It is interesting that first Clarkson and now Jean became targets soon after the announcement of their appointment as GG. And in both cases, the vitriol was aimed at their male mates, bringing attention to the men and fading the women into the background. I don't recall this kind of attention being given to the female partners of male GG-designates. Ultimately, Clarkson had to get married. What will Jean have to do?

Well, today she issued a statement. Paul Wells reproduced the full statements from Mme Jean and the Prime Minister on his blog. She writes about her attachment to Canada and being "fully committed to Canada." And then goes on:

"We are equally proud of the attachment to Quebec..."

The usual blathering about allegiance to the province so as to be considered worthy of living there. Thank goodness I don't have to justify my love of Toronto or Ontario by declaring so in the same breath I declare my love of Canada. The fact I live here says it all.

"...that we have always shown beyond any partisan considerations."

Now this second part of the sentence I don't get. I must be slow. Or perhaps it's an "inside thing" understandable, and only meant to be understandable, inside Quebec. Is she saying that she is attached to Quebec but not a separatist without actually coming out and saying so?

Joining the fray is the suggestion that France will revoke her French citizenship. The Star covered this today, instantly providing a laugh. It was patently obvious years ago when The Toronto Star fired its proofreaders and copy editors to save bucks, but today's headline is the best goof ever:

"Jean's job has Franch checking law books"