Dogs and Their Food

I think dogs are becoming as neurotic about food as North Americans are. The trend is to first look at the bowl of kibble, then up at the human as if to say, "you've got to be kidding." Then wrinkle nose delicately and sniff again at the expensive food your human spent hours agonizing whether it was right for you. Finally reach in gingerly, grab a few, dump on floor to scatter everywhere. Pick one up, drop. Pick it up again, move in mouth as if it's something slightly vile, drop. Pick it up a third time and eat. Repeat. When human's back is turned, lunge in and clean up the bowl. Walk away, licking chops, ignoring the kibble left on the floor. The dog I'm babysitting has added a new fillip: leave exactly two kibble behind. I think that's the equivalent of the 2 cent tip.



Pat said…
This is funny! It is so true, my dog does that too.