Uganda and Her Children

Live 8 was a stupendously huge, celebrity soaked rock 'n roll party to raise awareness about poverty and injustice in Africa.

GuluWalk is a two-man 25 km nightly and morning walk to and from Toronto city hall to raise awareness about the plight of children in Uganda. This lowest key of efforts came about because two Toronto men learnt that Ugandan children have to walk up to 12 km every night from their rural homes into the big cities to keep safe from abductions by the rebel army. Then they walk back home in the morning.

Powerful or humble, Westerners (not our leaders yet) with these first but necessary steps of awareness, are finally beginning that trek to sharing our wealth and our just societies with the poorest on our planet. It's incredible.


Martin said…
Thanks for the comments you left for me. I am glad that I touch a nerve and you found out passionate you are about this subject. You bring forward some very good points. I think my biggest problem is the lack of accountability for the funds that the economically rich nations give to the third world countries. Send the help in the form of farmers to teach them to farm, builders and engineers to show them how to build wells and build an infrastructure. Send them doctors with medicine to help with the disease. Just don't send the money for the governments to keep and make themselves richer. This doesn't help the people who need it.

Next time you reply, please send me your e-mail address as I would like to answer some of your comments without leaving something that might not pertain to a post in your comments. Either that or post your e-mail address on your site. If it is I surely can't find it and I have looked several times.