Toronto-Danforth -- Who Speaks for You?

Heard through the grapevine that Marilyn Churley -- Toronto-Danforth NDP MPP -- is going to run federally in the next election. Of course not a whiff of this major news on her website. Queen's Park will be bereft without her competent and sensational presence, so who could possibly fill her shoes?

The NDP think either Paula Fletcher or Peter Tabuns (UGH!) . Paula is new to city politics, and although not real high-profile, at least hasn't done anything ridiculous. But I'm not convinced she has the competence and experience to fill Churley's shoes. She probably has the moxie though. Tabuns is just, well, UGH.

The Liberals look set to run Ben Chin, he of CBC, CityTV, and (now defunct? what's going on with that station?!) Toronto1. Other than good looks, poised manner, hipness, and good anchorage, what else does he offer voters?

The Conservatives may run their usual nobodies, but more likely Case Ootes, who I never quite know what he does on Toronto Council except show up on TV every now and then. At least he has name recognition.

Toronto-Danforth doesn't always vote NDP, and with the possibility of credible candidates for other parties and this riding's environmental awareness, the riding's up for grabs by anyone. Contrary to pollsters' and pundits' belief, there is at least one other legit party: The Green Party. They're making inroads with each election and will soon be closing in on a victory. They're a natural fit, and all they need is a name candidate, and they could have their first Toronto win. I'd like to see them kick grass in the other parties faces. The Liberals would finally get that they can't lie and still be voted in, the Conservatives would wake up (mind you, John Tory is nicely recovering their fortunes), and the NDP would stop being same old same old. Well, one can dream.

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