Summer Heat Wilts Clear Thinking

David Ahenakew is convicted of wilfully promoting hatred and fined $1,000. Our GG then stripped him of his Order of Canada. Ahenakew declared that if he had to choose between freedom of speech and the Order of Canada, he would choose freedom of speech. He has a choice? Later his brain seemed to clear, and he dared them to take it off his jacket because he wasn't giving it back.

In further confusing news, the Warden at Kingston Pen has banned Paul Bernardo from talking to the media about Karla Homolka because it will, among other things, jeopardize Bernardo's rehabilitation. Huh? Will someone please explain to me how you can possibly rehabilitate a man who's locked up in a teeny cell alone 23 hours/day 365 days/year and always will be? And why would you care to since he has been declared a dangerous offender and so will never get out?