Happy Birthday All!!!

Happy Canada Day 2005!

This year to honour my country's birthday, I thought I'd dip my toe into photo editing software and create a collage of pictures I've taken across Canada.

I've visited all the provinces but Newfoundland and Saskatchewan, and only one of the territories -- Yukon. I've taken zillions of pictures, so do you think when I went digging into my archives I could find the pix I wanted?! Where were my PEI pictures? Manitoba!? The Badlands!?! I looked at the huge rubbermaid container under the pile of boxes... Next year.

In the meantime, see if you can pick out Dawson City, a Yukon view, Gwaii Haanas, strip mines in BC, the Red Woods (BC), Spotted Lake (BC), Bananas in the Okanagan Valley, rural Ontario, Toronto views, Laurentians in Quebec, and Baie de Chaleur (NB).


zandperl said…
Very nice pictures! You should post more of them. Happy birthday Canada, and happy birthday US (Monday)! Here's hoping our countries don't go to war over gay marriage. :-P
talk talk talk said…
LOL! I certainly hope not!

Thank you. I've been thinking about posting more pictures.