TTC Woes

Howard Moscoe, TTC Chairman and Toronto councillor extraordinaire, is quoted in today's Toronto Star as saying:

"I want our riders to love us. It doesn't necessarily mean improving service..."

Excuse me while I laugh off my chair...and climb back on again...

"It means making people feel good about the system [without improving service?!], making people feel that their opinions are good and respected and listened to and they have some input into some of the decisions that are made."

Let me count the ways in which I don't feel good about the system and obviously have no input:

  • Bus drivers who don't know their routes
  • Bus drivers who apologetically let me off in the middle of Finch in the middle of a blizzard cause they don't know their routes and I have to find my way on foot
  • Bus drivers who don't call out a requested stop, then go "oops" at the next stop
  • Bus drivers who don't call out the stops, probably cause they don't know their routes
  • TTC complaints department that gets very sympathetic with me at bus drivers not calling out the stops and assuring another memo will go out TODAY telling drivers to call out the stops
  • Bus drivers who still don't call out the stops
  • Subway drivers that call out the next stop as the doors close (for non-Torontonians that means chimes trump voice)
  • Subway drivers that call out the previous stop
  • Subways that are packed in the MIDDLE of the day
  • Boiling on the subway platform in summertime as you wait and wait and wait and wait for a packed train in the MIDDLE of the day
  • Subways not running and the TTC attendant doesn't know why cause nobody bothers to keep them informed
  • Bus routes cancelled or reduced
  • No subway to York U
  • No subway along Queen Street
  • No subway along Eglinton West
  • A truncated Sheppard subway
  • Wondering if you're going to be knocked off the Bloor platform at Yonge station cause they haven't put in another platform like they said they would, and it's a tad crowded
  • Packed buses and streetcars where subways should be, no matter the time of day
  • Freezing your buns off waiting for a bus where a subway should be because the buses have decided to band into a pack, a slow-moving pack, then not being able to get on the bus and the next one and the next one...same goes for streetcars
  • Fares that keep going up while the provincial government doesn't subsidize the TTC to even American standards...or Montreal's
I'm just getting started, but I'll leave it for now.