Stephen Harper --- not!

Another reason why Stephen Harper is not fit to lead this country:

To oust the Liberals he has to stay two steps ahead of them. Yet despite being on a rampage for months to force an election, he's surprised -- SURPRISED! -- when the wily Liberals late last night pulled a fast one and passed the NDP budget amendment, with the help of the duplicitous BQ. Now the Liberals are free and clear to deal with the same-sex legislation without the Conservatives holding a budget vote over their heads. What did Harper think the Liberals would do? Be cowed by Conservative threats and NOT look for a way to beat them? They had obviously been waiting for the inevitable: the Conservatives to get lax about keeping their numbers strong in the House. So much for outfoxing the fox. The Liberals haven't kept a hammerlock on this country through sheer dumb luck....well, the Conservative penchant for shooting themselves in the foot, not articulating a platform, bitching at each other instead of being united against the Liberals, and acting like naive newbies to the political scene, has helped too.