Neither Conservatives nor Liberals in Government Be

martin male commented on my post "Vote for Stephen Harper?" (May 20) and wrote, in part:

"While Harper and the Conservatives are the lesser of 2 evils, Canadians had better start smartening up when it comes to choosing a government."

So true! I also agree that the Conservatives are idiots. They don't seem to have grasped why they lost the budget confidence vote and just how angry Canadians are with them for trying to derail a budget that will finally start addressing the festering problems all over the country, like our crumbling infrastructure.

When I heard that the Conservatives were going to try and force another confidence vote (idiots!) and then that the Liberals tried to bribe Grewal to change his vote (corrupters!), I thought the best vote we could cast would be for neither party. Both these parties need to get a wake-up call that they are not the only governmental material around, that they cannot do what they want without impunity.

The problem is Ontarians don't much like change at the federal level. Historically, they voted for the party federally opposite to who was in power provincially. With the upheaval in provincial politics in the last 2 decades, that has changed. And so we cannot count on Ontarians voting Conservative just because the Liberals are in power at Queen's Park. This is a problem for the whole country because how Ontario votes is more important than Quebec. Quebec has sidelined itself by voting either Liberal or BQ. Ontarians at least have shown more flexibility...but not much. Somehow Ontarians, especially Torontonians, need to get hopping mad and take a risk in their voting patterns, otherwise this country is doomed to stagnation.