Endless War!

The teen-ager cased the yard first, assessing the security arrangements. He was a bit too big, but he thought the family could get in. The little ones scampered over, while mama hid behind the shed watching, with the sucky baby clinging desperately to her. Suddenly the kitchen light shone out, and they hit the tree, burrowing into the nooks of the big branches, crawling over each other trying to hide from the light.

"Hey!" I yelled through the screen door. The most daring stared back. Mama hightailed it out. I hit the lights and, in the ensuing darkness, heard tiny claws scrambling over the fence, then my neighbour's furniture being tossed. Little masked buggers. I looked resentfully at my scarecrow. Scenting myself with lemon eucalyptus oil, I braved the mosquitoes and increased the scarecrow's sensitivity. The next night they tossed the rocks around my plants.