Can the Litter

Mayor David Miller swept to power on his promise to stamp out not just the stench of corruption, but also the garbage stink in T.O. Apparently there has been a reduction in litter since 2002. Personally, I see just as much garbage on the streets wherever I walk as before. The literal stink around my streets is probably still down because of the multiplicity of phone calls I made about garbage truck effluent a few years ago. We haven't had to hose down our sidewalk and street on garbage day since then (well, not yet anyway) and that was before Miller. Persistent complaining seems to be more effective than all of Miller's photo ops.

Miller's litter campaign has been so ineffective that the Toronto Board of Trade has started its own campaign: can the litter. It has launched a shocking series of ads aimed at the litter pigs that have overwhelmed our fair city in the last 10 years. Torontonians have become a dirty lot, no question. But I also believe that the city's standard for cleaning our streets has dropped so far that it is nowhere near what it used to be, even with the recent improvements in staffing. Still, the media insist that Mayor Miller and his litter queen have made substantial reductions in litter, but when the streets and the Yonge/Bloor subway station still look like a pig sty and a street cleaning water truck is a shocking sight, I beg to differ. I used to see those trucks a lot as a child on small streets and big streets. I hadn't seen one in YEARS until today (the last time was a once-only in summer). They not only literally washed our streets, they were a symbol of how proud Toronto was about its cleanliness. I wonder if today's sighting will be a once-only too. Hopefully not.


Anonymous said…
I think that garbage on the streets is a problem with society these days, in particular the younger kids. Inuvik is a nice clean place in the winter when the snow is covering all the dirt and garbage but once the snow melts the garbage is again evident. I have seen kids take their pop cans and chip bags and just drop them as they walk along. You yell at them to pick it up and they tell you where to go. Until society changes their ways, and law enforcement starts cracking down on those that litter, this problem will unfortunately not end up in the trash can.