The Russians are Coming!

Terrorism has done what the Soviets never could: brought totalitarian communist policies to the US.

As of May 2008, "Americans will have to obtain federally approved ID cards. Anyone without such an ID card will be effectively prohibited from traveling by air or Amtrak, opening a bank account, or entering federal buildings." (ZDNet News, May 10, 2005)

Some actually maintain this is not a national ID card -- REALLY?! -- and it seems to have been created so that terrorists can't get a driver's license. OOOKKKK.

Glad I live in socialist Canada where individual freedom and privacy are prized.


herb said…
Yes, as a US citizen without the rights of a citizen as stated in our constitution, I agree with you that, on the surface, things look pretty bad here for the freedom thing. Beneath the surface they are much, much worse.

And the folks who need to be most frightened and activated about this are not the USers, but the people of the rest of the world, including Canada, who are facing an encroaching enslavement like nothing ever imagined.

The militarist here are totally nuts. That is no surprise. What is a surprise, or will become one shortly, is that the militaries of virtually the entire world, including Canada, are in close nit formation with the US military.

Canadian troops are used in Hati, Brazilian too, and the French. So much for national opposition to US hegemony. The constituency that these combined military represent and defend are the paymasters of the world. Just as it ever was. Empire is bad. A single whole world empire is unimaginably bad. Even the Romans had more opposition. As long as the militaries are able to find generous paymasters to pretend to protect (they are deluding themselves that this is actually protection) there will be more of the same.

The US public is totally snowed. The media lies so outrageously and so effectively that Goebbels is put to shame. Everyone here is scared stiff, regardless of political position or sophistication. Don't expect the US population to sort this out and avoid total destruction. The rest of the world must control their militaries first then isolate the US as one would a contagious source and institute disinvestment. Canada and especially the Loonie will not do well as a result, but better than it would if nothing is done.

Stop feeding the beast!