Our GG

Charlotte Gray wrote an interesting article on our GG Adrienne Clarkson (Toronto Star, Sunday, May 15, 2005), who certainly garners more than her fair share of criticism. Is it because she's well put-together? Witty? A woman? Whatever the reason, Gray wrote: "Some of the reaction to Clarkson is just plain mean-spirited." And today two letter writers did a bang-up job of displaying that.

One writer doesn't seem to have read the article and bases his opinion solely on the headline. Says a lot about his naivete over headline writers and his judgementalism. The other wrote, "...a few celebrity authors, if I read Charlotte Gray's article correctly, seem to enjoy reminding common Canadians that they are in a class above us all. How dare we criticize?" I think he enjoys criticizing. But aside from that, no, he didn't read that right. He read his own opinion. Gray quite clearly stated the government promotes trade, our GG promotes our culture to the world. And isn't it about time SOMEONE high up did that?! The people who have benefitted from our GG's increasing the activity of her office are all of us (even cab drivers who ferry the tourists who've decided to come see in person what she showed them abroad). Comparing her to our LG James Bartleman is ridiculous. She represents our country to us and to those abroad. He serves the province of Ontario. They are both redefining their roles. About time too.

Another thing: only our GG was at the 60th anniversary VE celebrations overseas when it counted. While our politicians bickered here before lamely flying over after the celebrations, she told the vets and the Dutch, by her constant presence with them in the Netherlands during the celebrations, that Canada remembers.

As for the Canadian desire to tear down the intelligent among us, it's a darn good thing we have an intelligent well-read GG at this particular time, given that our inept PM and our ridiculous Opposition leaders (with the exception of Layton, and who knew he'd turn out to be such a statesman?!) have sullied our Parliament. She may be required to exercise her constitutional powers to clean up this mess. And we wouldn't want a quick-to-judge, unread twit doing that!