Ontario deficit: $6B. Fed help: $1.1B. Owed: $23B. I'm ecstatic. Are you?

Dalton McGuinty is chuffed that he's wrung just over $1.1 billion more per year from Paul Martin, the Prime Minister busy trying to bribe votes his way instead of doing the obvious thing he was elected to do: governing. Are we supposed to be impressed? Our deficit is about $6 billion this year, and the feds keep something like $23 billion more of the tax dollars they collect from us than they should. And we're supposed to be ecstatic over this piddling increase?!

Our mayor David Miller has finally realised the federal Liberals are just words words words when it comes to helping our city and is wisely starting talks with Stephen Harper. Just how many years are Torontonians expected to be ignored by their federal Liberal MPs, watch our city crumble around us, and KEEP VOTING for them?! Up to now, Toronto voters have seemed to say that it's better to be ignored by the Liberals and live in a deteriorating city than start talks with an unknown Conservative government. Cause what, we'll be worse off being ignored by the Conservatives?!

It's like the Maple Leafs: they know they don't have to try to win the Stanley Cup cause Torontonians will just keep on paying. We like mediocrity. We like to be ignored. We like to live in filth, with the rats and bedbugs and skunks under our porches, and drive on congested potholed roads or cram into infrequent subway cars. So why should our leaders or hockey team aspire to more for us?