The Liberal Government Survives to Dither Another Day

I watched Parliament voting live. For such a momentous occasion, it had a sense of anticlimax to it, with all the speculation and hints thrown out before. One commentator said the response was kind of muted after the final tally. That's how I felt: glad, but a relieved glad. The government has in almost a year not governed. But finally because of the Conservatives' tactics, the Liberals were forced to co-operate with the NDP, and the NDP forced the government to start governing our country. This is the first time in over 12 years that something more than simply slaying the deficit and managing the surplus will happen. But after 12 years of the Liberals finding ways to not lead, and the last year of Martin doing a superb job of dithering, I'm not overly optimistic that the NDP will be able to hold the government's feet to the fire and get them to lead our country. The Liberals are not called the "Gliberals" for nothing!