Pedestrians v. Smog Reducers

Some judgemental dweeb wrote in the letters page of The Toronto Star today that only the lazy use Segways because the physically disabled would use scooters or wheelchairs. He also implies the price tag is beyond the physically disabled (ever priced a motorized scooter or wheelchair?). I guess, in his eyes, we're all poor...yeah, OK, we're poor!

But not all disabilities are in the legs and back. Not all disabled are going to want to sit in a motorized scooter while zooming along our sidewalks, mowing down other pedestrians. They'd rather use a Segway to do that! From a pedestrian POV, I think it would be easier to avoid a Segway than one of those killer scooters. I swear the drivers of those things have kill markers on the sides like the old WWI fighter pilots.