Opening Salvo

Tom Harpur writes, "(there is a) total absence of...hard evidence for a historical Jesus coming out of the entire first century apart from Christian-sourced writings." [The Toronto Star, April 16, 2005]

Bollocks. God sent the three wise men -- Zoroastrians all -- to lend legitimacy to the birth of Jesus Christ, for He knew that the people of the day venerated the Zoroastrians (ancient Persians) for their intellect, integrity, wisdom, and authority, and by seeing them pay homage to this baby, people would more likely believe in the historical birth of Jesus. And, if that is not enough, Zoroastrians today know all about Jesus through their OWN historical traditions. Furthermore, Zoroastrians, who are still admired and respected throughout the Eastern world in places like India and Iran, started the whole idea of resurrection. That is one of the reasons cremation is forbidden (although that's not stopping my Uncle, who happily thumbed his nose at doctrine when he made his funeral arrangements). Resurrection is not a wonky Christian idea, confined only to Jesus. Jesus is simply the first human to experience it. The rest of us are still waiting.

....and another thing

If St. Peter is considered the first Pope of the Catholic church and was chosen as a leader by Jesus, why is St. Paul so dominant over St. Peter in the New Testament?